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Below are some frequent questions to help you with understanding the deployment process and technical support of 4Tracker.

4Tracker is installed by our qualified partner community across Australia. From capital cities to regional Australia, we have you covered. Enquire today so we can provide you with the most convenient installation service.
Yes, we have qualified engineers across the country, from city to regional areas.
4Tracker is an integrated solution. Fleet management, vehicle tracking, compliance and performance analytics are combined together to produce an end to end experience.
We build solutions to fit all budgets and deployment types. Contact us today to discuss the right solution for your business.
Through our network of qualified support partners, we have a single support platform - 1Support. We provide ongoing managed services and can assist with user support and vendor management including warranty and replacement hardware options. For more information visit www.1support.com.au

Your Safety Is Number One
The proactive approach to Driver Safety

Regardless of the vehicle being driven, driver behavior contributes to over 90 percent of crashes. Whilst it is possible to improve safety through policies and reactive measures, 4Tranport takes a proactive methodology designed to get every driver back home safely.

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The 4Tracker Difference
The solution that grows in scale and scope

4Tranport optimisation takes the data captured by your fleet assets and presents it in a way that allows you to make the best decisions. Which drivers are performing the best? Which vehicles cost us the least? How many vehicles do we actually need? Our solutions support confident answers to these types of questions.

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