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Below are the list of features GreenZero solutions can offer. The complete end to end experience is now available for all businesses from SMB to Enterprise.

A curated and comprehensive genre-driven movie catalogue. Guests can watch movies in HD quality and are able to pause, fast forward & rewind. All files are stored locally so usage doesn’t affect your external bandwidth, and an unlimited number of users can view the same content simultaneously.
A premium, chargeable entertainment service. GreenZero Cast enables your guest to view their own content on the TV screen. All they need is the casting option on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices.
The built in internet browser allows your guests to surf the web on your TV. Great for simple tasks such as checking email, visiting social media sites and checking local news. It’s fast & secure, and can give your guests a break from the small screen on their smartphone.
Offer In Room Wi-Fi to your guests with guaranteed coverage (no dead spots like you might find with other shared Wi-Fi methods). Highly secure – each guest has a unique password – and multiple devices can access at one time. Best of all, you can run this off your existing coaxial cabling.
The messaging feature allows you to broadcast a message to your guests. You can send a message to just one room, all rooms, or a selection of rooms. It’s a great way to promote ad-hoc special offers, for example, happy hour at the bar.
The Dining feature allows you to showcase all the restaurants and bars within your hotel (or around the local area, if you choose). Guests can learn about the style of each establishment, view menus, pricing & photos before making a reservation. This more interactive experience can help increase in-room dining sales.
The Things to Do feature allows you to promote your hotel facilities to guests, for example, your pool, gym, spa, sauna, tennis court, kids club or activities such as watersports. Having this information readily available in a visual format helps to increase patronage.
The Specials feature allows guests to view what special deals or offers you have running across various hotel facilities. For example, promote deals from your restaurant, stays at other hotels, forward booking incentives and partner deals with local tourism operators.
Help drive your passive income with the Local feature in GreenZero. This feature allows you to promote places and businesses around the local area to your guests. Promote any partner deals you have with local operators & potentially sell advertising space.
The Event Calendar feature allows you to keep guests informed of what events are happening in your hotel and in the local area. For example a local band playing in your bar, or a major exhibition or show happening in your city.
In the modern corporate environment, technology is an integral part of organisational success. To maintain competitive edge, your conference and meeting spaces must be outfitted with technology that equips you to create a lasting impression.
Utilising Projected Capacitive Touch technology, the latest in large format touch technology and boasting 12 point Multi-Touch with the option of 32, the Interactive Kiosk provides new levels of precison.
Ideal for use in hotels, function centres, theatres, lecture rooms/halls, school halls, meeting rooms, auditoriums and Kiosk applications.
With an impressive, highly responsive, 20 points of touch and renowned GreenZero Glide technology, this next generation projected capacitive touchscreen is the pinnacle in collaborative technology for education and corporate environments.
Sending commands is now as simple as touching a button on the GreenZero Control Panel's screen. With a multitude of wall and desk mounting options, the GreenZero Control Panel's are always there when you need them.

Built Picture Perfect
A Better Than Home Experience

Nowadays, guests expect a better TV system than what they are used to. However, with the advent of Netflix and smart TVs this becomes increasingly harder. Rely on us to keep your smart TVs equipped with cutting edge technology with on demand video content and other customer applications.

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Unique Digital Experience
A Complete Customised User Experience

GreenZero can create custom solutions with all the latest forms of entertainment such as free to air TV, on demand movies, meditation videos and other custom apps at the hands of your guests. Reviews on are raving about our clients’ TV systems and critical on those that don’t have great entertainment systems.

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