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WiFi That Works Better

Integrated Wireless

High performance, secure and scalable wireless networks are for businesses that need solid connectivity without interruption or degraded service. The ability to seamlessly roam between floors or areas without dropouts. Broadcast the same wireless networks across all of your sites.
GreenZero’s flexible and world leading carrier grade equipment deliver networks for any Wi-Fi application for a fraction of the price you would expect to pay compared to alternative carrier grade solutions. This results in a better Wi-Fi coverage outcome and less cost for the client.

GreenZero wireless networks are ideal for a variety of applications including:
- Large homes
- Unit blocks
- Hotel and accommodation venues
- Indoor sporting and entertainment venues
- Hospitals
- Shopping Centres
- Shopping Malls
- Schools, Universities and Learning Facilities

Built Picture Perfect
A Better Than Home Experience

Nowadays, guests expect a better TV system than what they are used to. However, with the advent of Netflix and smart TVs this becomes increasingly harder. Rely on us to keep your smart TVs equipped with cutting edge technology with on demand video content and other customer applications.

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Unique Digital Experience
A Complete Customised User Experience

GreenZero can create custom solutions with all the latest forms of entertainment such as free to air TV, on demand movies, meditation videos and other custom apps at the hands of your guests. Reviews on are raving about our clients’ TV systems and critical on those that don’t have great entertainment systems.

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